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UV 400

UV light is emitted from the sun, and overexposure to it causes skin and eye damage.

Just as sunscreen prevents the sun’s UV rays from harming your skin, UV-protective glasses prevent these rays from damaging your eyes.

Lenses that provide UV 400 protection block 100% of UV rays.

Full Polarization

Glare from the sun weakens your vision and causes eye discomfort.

Fully-polarized lenses provide maximum glare reduction, as well as superior visual clarity.

  • UV protection: UV 400 (lenses block 100% of UV light)
  • Glare reduction: full polarization (lenses provide maximum glare reduction)
  • Materials*: wood with stainless steel hinges (frame); bamboo (case)
  • Measurements*: 49 mm (lens width); 22 mm (bridge width); 145 mm (arm length); 43 mm (height)
  • Weight*: 0.8 oz
Each pair of handcrafted sunglasses comes with an engraved case, a glasses bag, and a lens-cleaning cloth.

Our sunglasses are FDA-certified and feature the highest-quality lenses, because we’re serious about helping your clientele protect their eyes.

*Materials, measurements, and weight vary per model. The information above corresponds to our Bali model. Please reference our Sunglasses collection for comprehensive information.